The future of work

How will our workspaces change in the future?

This is a crucial question for us. We have discussed this topic with experts from science, smart city and real estate and collected supporting material to shed light on the topic of the future of work.

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Stephan Sigrist, founder and CEO of W.I.R.E. to explores the way our working routines will change in the future due to technological and socioeconomic development.
Are you curious to find out what he had to say?

How to prepare for the future of work?

A compilation of articles covering this topic.

The post-covid world will be different

The potential disruption of economic activity is massive: will there be jobs in the future? How will automation and robotics change the job landscape? On top of that, we are now facing tremendous uncertainty regarding the impact of the pandemic on our economic environment and on the way we work.

The world is reacting, adapting and transforming fast. Work is being reorganized alongside three dimensions:

  1. Organization of work: Moving to distributed work
  2. Employee well-being: Enabling individual resilience
  3. Infrastructure: Ensuring the right enablers for distributed work
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An Interview with Karin Crisanto about Coworking

Karin Crisanto about the need of coworking and innovation spaces.

“We focus on a premium workspace, a community of great minds, and a range of services to support startups. Basel Area Business & Innovation promotes growth and innovation. Through the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, we offer coworking and lab spaces in the Basel Area.”

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Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area opens site on Novartis Campus

Over the coming years, Novartis is to increasingly open up its campus based in Basel to companies active in the area of life sciences. Basel Area Business & Innovation is the first major external organization to benefit from this approach. From here, Basel Area Business & Innovation will now support startups and established firms from the fields of digital health and personalized medicine across an area of 580 square meters. “The objective is to establish a closeness between startups and the scientists from Novartis and thereby foster new forms of exchange, collaboration and innovation”

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Panel discussion: the future of work

Experts from science, smart city and commercial real estate followed our invitation to reflect on the implication of the « big reset » on the future of work and the challenges and opportunities for our innovation cluster in the region.

Beyond all the hardship and uncertainty that the pandemic brings, the panel truly believed that the current situation also creates a unique opportunity for strong and highly connected innovation clusters such as the Basel Area.

On the panel: Anja Riedle (SBB), Johannes Eisenhut (SENN Development), Dr. Hans Florian Zeilhofer (University of Basel), Karin Crisanto (Basel Area Business & Innovation) and Domenico Scala (President Basel Area Business & Innovation).
Moderated by Frank Kumli (Basel Area Business & Innovation)

Explore innovative work spaces

Take a virtual tour

From the site on the Novartis Campus, we want to support startups and companies from the fields of digital health and personalized medicine. Join us on a virtual tour.

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Our vision – GRID Campus

The future of work is being built in Allschwil. Click for the behind the scene video from the construction of new the GRID Campus of Collaboration

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