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The DayOne Accelerator ventures for 2020/21 have been chosen


The DayOne Accelerator ventures for 2020/21 have been chosen. Over 100 teams applied for the program which will run from Jan – Jun 2021 helping to boost each of the six winning teams on their journey to becoming sustainable Digital Health companies.

The DayOne Accelerator teams for 2020/21 have been selected across the themes of Value Based Healthcare, Patient Centric Innovation and Diabetes care.

The six ventures are:

OptiChroniX, a Bottmingen based company, with the mission of having a single application (myAVOS) to provide access to affordable individualized cognitive and behavioral therapies that help preserve memory, optimize well-being, and allow independent living for longer.

Magnes a Zürich based company, has developed a real-life-monitoring solution to analyze walk patterns of patients with neurological disorders and give them haptic feedback to help with treatment and symptom control.

IBDmate, being developed by UK-based company IBDrelief, is a patient education platform allowing clinicians to prescribe personalized information and education to empower people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve their quality of life. It is led by an ulcerative colitis patient.

WhachaCallitMed is a team that was created as a result of the DayOne Health Hack. Patients often struggle with specialized terminology and the sheer amount of information available on their health conditions. This tool offers patients and families a way to navigate through medical information and take better decisions.

Myov, is a Basel based venture. Up to 30% of couples struggle to have a baby in their first year. To help them maximize their chances to conceive, Myov has developed a unique saliva-based device that determines accurately the female fertility window using an  AI-enabled smartphone application.

IPDx, an Estonian based venture, is developing biomarkers to identify immunological changes caused by diabetes and thus inform the optimal care pathway.

The selected teams will start with a virtual bootcamp on January 11th running for three weeks, they will then continue to receive ongoing support in the form of coaching, workshops and introductions to ecosystem partners to help them develop into sustainable and investible businesses for the duration of the program until July 2021.

The program is supported by: Roche, IQVIA, Groupe Mutuel and Diabetes Centre Berne. It is further supported by DayOne knowledge partners and delivery partners.

In addition to the six ventures that are part of the main support program the Accelerator team will continue to engage with other applicants and other ventures in the ecosystem to maximize the benefit to the whole ecosystem from the Accelerator activities. This will include open workshops as well as targeted interactions specifically around the theme of Value Based Healthcare.

Over 100 companies applied for the program and 30 were invited to present their ventures at the DayOne Conference before a number were invited to make a final application to the DayOne Selection Committee.

The DayOne Selection Committee which consists of experts from the Basel healthcare/innovation ecosystem, including representatives from the University Hospital Basel, Medgate, local pharmaceutical companies, publishing, foundations and Universities, chose the winning projects.

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