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Artidis ends successful study


Artidis, a startup from Basel, has developed a nanotechnology platform that can be used for cancer diagnosis, among other things. The platform has now been tested in a study that was able to achieve its primary endpoint.

The team of Artidis, a spin-off from the University of Basel (img: Artidis)

Artidis has developed an innovative nanomechanical biomarker for cancer diagnosis and therapeutic optimization using the company’s own platform. By merging various medical data, the platform aims to make diagnosis quicker and create personalized plans for cancer treatment. This platform and therefore also the biomarker have recently been investigated in the NANO study according to a press release from Artidis, with the primary endpoint of the study being met.

The endpoint was sensitivity, which is a percentage showing the number patients for whom a disease was actually recognized. The primary endpoint of the NANO study was 90 percent, and a value of 96 percent was achieved. As such, the study endpoint was met, meaning that the nanomechanical biomarkers can be used for breast cancer biopsy in a clinical setting. The data from 520 patients were gathered in the analysis.

Marija Plodinec, CEO of Artidis, is quoted in the article: “We are very pleased with the excellent results from this first prospective study conducted in Switzerland.” With this having proven the clinical benefit of the nanomechanical biomarker, she goes on to add: “We are convinced that this brings us one step closer to providing patients undergoing a biopsy procedure with a same day diagnosis.”

Artidis is a spin-off from a research group at the University of Basel and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute. Artidis has already taken part in the Venture Mentoring Program run by the investment and innovation promotion agency Basel Area Business & Innovation. The NANO study was conducted at the University Hospital Basel Breast Care Centre and the University of Basel Biozentrum.

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