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BGO Software establishes branch in Basel


The Bulgarian firm BGO Software has now established a presence in Basel after founding BGO Software und Technologie GmbH. The company develops solutions for use in the research and healthcare sector. It now intends to carry out further development work in Switzerland from its base at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

Ivan Lekushev
Ivan Lekushev, CEO of BGO Software (img: BGO Software)

Founded in 2008, BGO Software has its roots in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. Over the past decade, the company has become established on the back of developing solutions for major Swiss life sciences firms and the Health Research Authority in the UK (NHS). Since 2020, it has specialized exclusively in digital healthcare solutions, and has now turned its attention to further developing in Switzerland by establishing a new branch headquartered at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, details of which can be found in a press release. Alongside London, the Basel location will act as a second headquarters, with research and development activities being driven forward in Sofia.

BGO Software teamed up with the investment and innovation promotion agency Basel Area Business & Innovation for the location search (read more about starting a business in Switzerland). Basel Area operates the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, at whose Novartis Campus site the new Swiss branch BGO Software und Technologie GmbH is now located. However, the agency’s support went far beyond finding the right contact person. For example, Basel Area provided BGO Software with information related to the life sciences ecosystem in the region in addition to holding consultations with tax advisors. “With the choice of Basel Area as the location for our development in Switzerland, BGO Software has now arrived at the heart of innovation within the healthcare and MedTech sector as a company and center of expertise”, explains Ivo Stoicov, Managing Partner of BGO Software. He adds: “Basel is a location with global impact. We are looking forward to the diverse opportunities, challenges and new business partners it has to offer”.

BGO Software will now focus on advancing the development of innovative digital healthcare solutions from its Basel site. Up to now, it has developed solutions such as the HARP database, which played a key role in the NHS rapidly moving to approve the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine for mass use, according to the press release. Products for patient engagement, digital therapeutics and electronic patient files are also part of the BGO Software portfolio. The CEO of BGO Software, Ivan Lekushev, underlined that with the Basel Area the company has now found the perfect location to focus on generating optimum customer outcomes: “Basel is the perfect place with a wealth of digital solutions in the field of digital healthcare, the primary focus of our company”. At the new location at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, BGO Software will now also enjoy the added bonus of proximity to its customers and partners.

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