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Humard robot disinfects using UV light


Humard has developed a robot that can disinfect spaces using UV light. For this, the system manufacturer from the canton of Jura has adapted a mobile industrial robot that is otherwise used in warehouse logistics.

StériKart’HUMARD robot (img: Humard)

Humard Automation SA, headquartered in Delémont, usually develops special systems for industry, including automated and robotized assembly lines as well as hydraulic and pneumatic presses or automated palette systems. Humard has also developed its own robots to service machine tools.

Now, Humard ​​​​has developed a robot that can disinfect rooms: the StériKart. To do so, it is relying on a mobile robot from a Danish manufacturer that usually transports loads and is used in warehouse logistics. A beam source is mounted onto this robot emitting short-wavelength UV light. Known as UVC light, this is absorbed by the atmosphere so does not occur naturally on Earth but is capable of destroying living cells. Today it is used to disinfect medical equipment.

Humard is now using this principle to disinfect entire areas. The robot weighing in at 95 kilograms can disinfect an area measuring 4 meters squared on its own in ten minutes. It can be controlled using a smartphone without any programming knowledge. The StériKart is able to move harmlessly among humans once the UV light has been turned off.

According to a report by “Quotidien Jurassien” it took two weeks to develop StériKart. It is intended for use in hospitals and industrial companies.

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