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“Industry 4.0 brings intelligence to machines and processes”

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"Industry 4.0 brings intelligence to machines and processes"


Sébastien Meunier, and Jean-Marie Dubois, qiio AG (img: Dave Joly)

Which problem does your company aim to solve?

Jean-Marie Dubois, qiio AG: Most of the time, when products leave the production site, they vanish into a blackhole in terms of data. Companies are unable to receive data from their products. They also have no way to reach or remotely control and configure their products. What qiio has created is a solution to these issues based on IoT technologies. qiio provides a secure and comprehensive solution to implement the Industrial Internet of Things. It enables companies to remotely monitor and control their assets at any given time.

When and why did you found your company?

qiio was founded in 2014. A business customer approached us and wanted to work with us to develop connected devices. Therefore, we founded the company and covered this need.

What does winning the i4Challenge mean to you?

Winning the i4Challenge is rewarding because we can showcase our solution globally. In addition, the award also shows us that we are continuously on the right track, focusing on the important topics.

What does the term “Industry 4.0” mean to you and why is the topic relevant?

For us, Industry 4.0 brings intelligence to machines and processes. Industry 4.0 is a relevant topic because companies can now collect data which they could not access before. Real-time access helps companies in making better decisions.

Where do you see the development in the region?

The concept of the Internet of Things was created more than 20 years ago. However, IoT implementation in industries have only been seen in recent years. More and more companies are willing to leverage from IoT and the future is promising.

What are your plans for your company?

We will expand in our target markets, i.e. Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. We aim to have more than 20’000 devices connected to the cloud by the end of 2020.

Jean-Marie Dubois

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