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Lumineo installs translucent concrete wall for Vinci

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Lumineo installs translucent concrete wall for Vinci


The global construction and energy group Vinci engaged the jurassic Lumineo Group to design a wall made from translucent concrete for the entrance hall of its new group headquarters in Paris. Lumineo invented this innovative material. Images can be projected through the wall using LEDs.

The translucent concrete wall in the entrance hall of the new Vinci headquarters (img: Lumineo)

Lumineo has been invited to design a part of the representative foyer at the new group headquarters of Vinci using its innovative material. Lumineo has built a huge wall measuring 80 square meters made from translucent concrete, otherwise known as Lumistone, for Europe’s largest construction firm and the fifth largest in the world. The material used was developed internally by the startup based in Porrentruy in the canton of Jura

According to an article, this is the largest wall that the Lumineo Group has ever built with this material. Lumistone looks like concrete, although animated images can be projected through this wall using LEDs. According to the Lumineo website, the road to the successful development of this translucent material was “as hard as concrete” itself. Countless layers of fiberglass had to be poured into the concrete “before the recipe was discovered”.

In addition, this is a curved wall, which means that “the structure had to be processed differently”, comments Aurélie Pezzotta, CEO of Lumineo and one of the project managers. In mid-June she was a guest of ‘Femmes Fondatrices’, a new series of events hosted by the Jura site of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area. Pezzotta was delighted to have completed this project owing to the fact that “the nights have been very short over the past few months”.

Constructing this wall in the foyer of the headquarters of a globally leading construction firm can only be of benefit to the Lumineo Group. “Many architects and project managers will be visiting”, which essentially makes this project a huge advertisement for the company. Lumineo is now focused on further developing its business at national level in addition to hiring more staff.

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