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Oettinger Davidoff AG: Swiss precision paired with caribbean expertise


Oettinger Davidoff AG, with sales of over half a billion Swiss francs and 3,600 employees around the world, is a Swiss family owned company rooted in Basel. The company is dedicated to the business of producing, marketing, distributing and retailing premium-branded cigars, tobacco products and accessories.

Beat Hauenstein, CEO Oettinger Davidoff AG

The premium-branded cigar business is anchored around Davidoff, and includes brands such as AVO, Camacho, Cusano, Griffin’s, Private Stock, Zino and Zino Platinum. Oettinger Davidoff AG is also the sole agent of many brands in several countries such as Haribo in Switzerland. The company’s corporate responsibility focuses on optimizing the value chain, personnel development and respectful treatment of nature, employees and business partners around the world with a long-term perspective.

Rooted in Basel since 1875

In 2017, the company proudly inaugurated its new headquarters – the Maison Davidoff – at the very same location where it has been since 1930. The newly built global headquarters in Basel is underlying the commitment to the city and to its Swiss heritage.

The Maison Davidoff, designed by renowned Diener & Diener Architects, is the physical manifestation of the corporate culture and combines traditional and transparent formal elements with sustainable and innovative design and building technology. It hosts 140 employees in the areas of marketing & innovation, procurement & production, commerce, human resources, finances and corporate communications.

Favoured by its geographical location in the heart of Europe and thus easily accessible from all over the world, Basel also boasts a very dynamic and sustainable economy, which always allowed the company to operate successfully. Located in the tri-border region of Switzerland, Germany and France and with a long history as a trading hub, the Basel Area is a true melting pot for cultures and industries, which also enriches the culture of Oettinger Davidoff.

Tradition – Innovation – Passion

The history and success of the company is based on two great pioneers: Zino Davidoff and Dr. Ernst Schneider. Zino Davidoff (1906 – 1994) ran a cigar shop in Geneva, invented the first walk-in humidor ever and launched the first Davidoff cigar with the iconic white Davidoff ring in the year 1968. The Basel-born Dr. Ernst Schneider (1921 – 2009), took over the management of the family company in 1961, and in 1970 purchased Zino Davidoff’s shop in Geneva, including the valuable name rights.

While Zino Davidoff acted as the company’s brand ambassador, Dr. Schneider headed the company from his offices in Basel, building and executing his strategy to become a globally renowned brand and company.

Another important milestone in the history of the company was the change of the production from Cuba to the Dominican Republic in 1991. Still today, all Davidoff cigars are produced in Santiago de los Caballeros, in the Dominican Republic, and the art of blending a cigar with tobaccos from all corners of the world has continuously innovated over the years.

Tradition, innovation, passion and integrity are the values which drive the 3,600 employees to fulfill the company’s premium promise to its customers, namely to delight and surprise with exciting and innovative products to provide joyful experiences of “time beautifully filled”.

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