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QuantumBasel offers access to the world’s most powerful quantum computers

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QuantumBasel offers access to the world’s most powerful quantum computers


QuantumBasel has consolidated its status as a neutral quantum hub with access to the world’s best quantum computers through a partnership with the North American quantum computer manufacturer IonQ. In addition, IonQ is building its innovation center for the EMEA region in the Basel Area.

Handshake after signing: Noam Zakay, Peter Chapman, Thomas Staehelin, Karl Gun and Damir Bogdan (from left to right) (image: QuantumBasel)

QuantumBasel, the competence center for quantum and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is bringing a physical quantum computer from the Maryland-based manufacturer IonQ to Switzerland. From 2024 onwards, it will be the first commercially usable quantum computer at the uptownBasel site in Arlesheim in the canton of Basel-Landschaft. QuantumBasel is part of the uptownBasel Group, whose partners also include the investment and innovation promotion agency Basel Area Business & Innovation.

In specific terms, two generations of quantum computers will be installed on site, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by all partners. The first, with 35 algorithmic qubits (#AQ 35), is expected to surpass the capabilities of quantum simulators on classical computers. This computer will later be replaced by the next generation with 64 algorithmic qubits (#AQ 64). Even the best conventional supercomputers should no longer be able to compete with this.

Innovation center in the Basel Area

In addition, the development of the #AQ 64 partly took place in Switzerland. After all, IonQ intends to set up its innovation center for the entire EMEA region at the campus in Arlesheim. Following IBM and D-Wave Systems, QuantumBasel has now also been able to secure the services of IonQ as a partner. Peter Chapman, CEO of IonQ, describes this in the press release as a “historic deal for IonQ and the quantum industry”, adding that: “This is the system that companies have been waiting for. We are glad that QuantumBasel is joining us on this journey”.

“The deployment of IonQ systems on site will accelerate and enhance our pursuit of quantum innovation and further our goal of achieving breakthroughs”, comments Dr. Thomas Staehelin, investor and Chairman of the Board of uptownBasel, in the press release. With these systems, uptownBasel expects to attract additional innovation companies to the region.

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