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The coworking space "5th Floor" is open for business


The coworking space "The 5th Floor" was opened in Muttenz on more than 4'000 square meters. The space offers fixed rental offices, modern laboratories, numerous meeting and seminar rooms as well as flexible working facilities.

Coworking space 5th floor
The 5th Floor

The coworking facility The 5th Floor is currently the largest in the Basel Area and comprises more than 80 workstations. Numerous award-winning startups and established market leaders with a focus on life sciences have moved into their modern offices and laboratories on The 5th Floor over the past few months. Step by step, a vibrant and inspiring community shall be created in the near future.

The owner-managed real estate company sitEX Properties Holding AG stands behind this initiative. This company focuses on real estate developments in Northwest Switzerland and Florida as well as Texas, USA.

The tenants of The 5th Floor will gradually gain access to the international network of sitEX. In winter 2020, the first location will open in Orlando, Florida, USA. As a member of The 5th Floor Basel you will automatically get access to modern facilities in both countries as well as to the diverse local network, which will facilitate the expansion into new markets.

Benefits for coworkers

In addition to the classic range of fixed and flex desks, coworkers at the Basel location will also find so-called private desks – lockable small offices designed to provide privacy and security as well as protection in pandemic situations. Modern meeting and seminar rooms, a social square with event space, a retreat and breastfeeding room for mothers, as well as a media room with equipment for recording videos and podcasts are also available to coworkers.

Coworkers receive free coffee, tea, mineral water, fruit and access to the Felfel vending machine as well as the in-house canteen. The building also houses a gym operated by Update Fitness as well as a day care center and a kiosk. The offer is completed by a concierge service, which gives you access to a wide range of discounted services in the areas of accounting, consulting, legal advice, HR etc.

As an inaugural offer, the first 30 interested readers will receive a free trial month on The 5th Floor. Let the team know by email with 300 characters why you deserve a free membership: The offer is valid while stocks last.
After that, our readers will receive a 20% discount on the offer from The 5th Floor in the first year, if they reference Basel Area Business & Innovation.


Learn what it’s like to work in Switzerland, what permits you need as a foreign worker and how to find work here. Check out our working in Switzerland page for more info.

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