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DayOne Workshop: 10 scenarios for the future health data ecosystem

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Healthcare Innovation

The DayOne health data scenario project has been an exciting journey. More than 50 experts from different stakeholders of the healthcare and tech industry have been working together to identify 10 scenarios on how the future health data ecosystem will, could and should evolve. The results will now be presented, discussed and worked on during this exclusive event, hosted by DayOne and Deloitte.

During this workshop we will assess selected health data scenarios by stress testing them with existing healthcare challenges. This exercise will allow us to understand and explore the potential of a given scenario to shape the future of health as an enabler – or inhibitor – of innovation. The results will then be integrated in a comprehensive report, which will be published later in the year with reference to all participants who have contributed in the DayOne health data scenario project.

Why does it matter?
Digital technologies offer huge potential to bring innovation in healthcare to the next level. Access to data will therefore be an important driving force and the emergence and design of open, non-discriminatory data ecosystems will be a key enabler for innovation. Despite the current enthusiasm, there is still a lack of common understanding among healthcare innovators on how such a health data ecosystem could, will and should evolve. The health data scenario project aims at catalysing this process in a multi-stakeholder effort.

What can I expect?
You will learn more about the philosophy and methodology of the scenario creation process provided by ScMI Scenario Management International. You will gain insights into the 10 health data scenarios that have been identified. Then you will explore together with peers from different stakeholder groups how the scenarios work as a strategic thinking tool and how they can be used to bring about tangible outcomes.

How can I contribute?
Preparation is not mandatory. However, each participant will receive a pre-read and a general questionnaire to evaluate the scenarios. The main contribution will concentrate on the workshop and afterwards on reviewing the results that will be integrated into the final report.



Welcome & Introduction


The health data scenario — methodology and process


10 scenarios — mapping the future health data ecosystem


Workshop in 4 groups — stress-testing the health data scenarios


Feedback and results


Open panel discussion with experts: what do we learn?



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