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BOOM Summit 2024

Unleash the future of healthcare at BOOM summit: Igniting the healthtech revolution

The first edition of BOOM Summit by DayOne and Kenes Group takes place on 10 and 11 April 2024, in Basel, Switzerland. This groundbreaking event will shatter prevailing paradigms and create a new narrative for the future, marking a significant milestone in the integration of healthcare and technology in the Basel Area.

Gain insights into the latest advancements and trends, including AI-powered diagnostics, the expanding realm of telemedicine, blockchain’s potential in healthcare data management and the rise of wearable devices that promote holistic wellbeing. The summit offers a comprehensive overview of the healthtech landscape.

The agenda for the BOOM Summit 2024 program will encompass:

  • Beyond the surface: unmasking healthtech’s true power and purpose – a critical examination of current implementation and direction
  • Unfiltered voices: Dissecting healthtech’s reality – from untapped potential to controversial pathways
  • Revolutionizing standard of care: navigating the turbulent waters of healthtech adoption
  • TechRx: sculpting the future of pharma – unveiling healthtech’s alchemy in crafting next-gen drugs and patient-centric treatments
  • Provocations for change: uniting health equity, digital forces, and global sustainability in a complex world
  • Will technology in healthcare make us more human?
  • Tech-powered care unleashed: redefining accessibility to care, and empowering livability in a healthier future
  • Your health needs YOU

More surprises will be announced soon!