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Lean Start-Up Workshop (EN)

Within the framework of the TITAN-E project, founders or people interested in founding a company from the trinational region of the Southern Upper Rhine (Germany, France, Switzerland) are given the opportunity to gain a first insight into the Lean Start-up method. Both active founders and people interested in the method are welcome.

The lean start-up approach describes a company foundation or a product launch in which a successful company can be founded with as little capital as possible. The focus here is not on lengthy advance planning, but rather on «lean» learning-by-doing by «bringing the product or service to market» at an early stage. Important elements are a very short product cycle and regular customer feedback. In this way, it is possible to react very quickly to requests or changes without incurring large costs for the company. Participants learn according to Erik Ries› lean start-up method how to keep product development cycles short, minimise risk and investment and specifically incorporate customer feedback into their own product development with a simple «Minimum Viable Product».

The event will be held online and in English.