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On site OPEN MIC NEXT IN HEALTH SERIES – Generative AI in healthcare: Hype or hope?

Generative AI in healthcare: Hype or hope?

Generative AI (Gen-AI) relies on deep-learning algorithms to create content and comprehensive insights. Its breakthrough lies in its capacity to understand natural language and to take input from vast data sets, analyze them in record time and provide as output text, audio, code and more.

ChatGPT has propelled Gen-AI and large language models into the mainstream across multiple industries, including healthcare and life sciences. In these areas where safety and reliability come first, proper validation is expected before adopting this new tool. Use cases that were unthinkable a couple of years ago are now possible, which begs the promise of long-term benefits in this high-risk industry. Can we leverage this impressive technology in health innovation to reduce costs, improve healthcare performance and patient outcomes? And how does Gen-AI benefit tech companies and start-ups?



Door opening


Welcome by hosts Rahel Schneider, Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area and Anca del Rio, DayOne -

  • Rahel Schneider, Community Manager and Site Development Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, Basel Area Business & Innovation
  • Anca del Rio, ,


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