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Technology Circle 16

Industrial production in transition: adopting an agile approach for sustainable success

Businesses shift towards more agile methodologies to achieve sustainable success. This transition involves adopting flexible, iterative processes that can quickly respond to market changes and technological advancements. Digital technologies like IoT, AI, drones and advanced analytics can be essential for optimizing industrial processes and enhancing operational efficiency – an agile approach can help companies to test and embrace these technologies for the best outcome.

Saline Schweiz will host the Technology Circle at their manufacturing plant in Pratteln and show how they handle these challenges. In addition, winners of our i4Challenge will present their solutions.

There is limited space available, please register early.



Door Opening


Experience the salt. Guided tour for interested guests

From stone to sole to fine-grained salt - experience salt and its production in all its different facets.




Swiss Saltwork: 10 years of digital transformation

Our ongoing digital transformation journey of Swiss Salt Works started with the vision to create an end-to-end digital supply chain for de-icing salt. Ten years later, we are close to filling all the gaps. Even more importantly, tremendous changes in culture, technology and customer demands have happened.


Innovating a key manufacturing process

The basic physical/chemical laws governing the evaporated salt production are unchanged. Nevertheless, significant improvements can be achieved through continuous improvements to the manufacturing processes, the application of new technologies and industry best practice. The brine purification process, a robust method that has been established for decades, is significantly improved through a creative approach.

  • Stephan Hoss, Head Operation & Supply Chain Management, Schweizer Salinen AG


Creating value by advanced control concepts

Applying a lightweight predictive analytics approach to gain early insights into deviations of the salt production process sets the base to push the plant automation closer to its limits. The tailor-made concept is fully developed internally and implemented into the existing DCS.


Implementing an End-to-End Planning Process

Doing it right the second time. Using a best practice approach when implementing a seamless and system-supported production planning process.


Machine – software communication


Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Maintenance

In Predictive Maintenance 4.0, implement AI in the calculation of digital twins and demonstrate concrete use cases and the advantages with regard to data validation.


Operational excellence based on digital inventory (drones, AI and data)

Presentation of autonomous flying potential to digitize industrial operations with TINAMU's use-case of operational excellence through digital bulk material inventory data.


Wrap up and next steps


Networking apéro




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