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Biotech networking event with Vossius & Partner on IP strategy for biotech startups (EN) – empowered by Innosuisse

IP is one of most important assets and tools to develop biotech ventures and a strong IP portfolio is a determinant of success. A well-thought-out IP strategy can significantly boost your company value and can be one of the key components in attracting financing. However, building an IP portfolio can be a large effort for a young company so it is crucial to ensure that your time and money investment in IP will yield a strategically targeted IP portfolio.

Join us together with Vossius & Partner for this online event about developing a strong patent strategy for startups. You will learn what is the value of a patent application, how to create value through IP asset management and valuation and when is the right time to file a patent.



Martyna Wroblewska, BaseLaunch


What is patentable and when
Josua Wehner, Vossius & Partner


Developing a patent portfolio
Philipp Marchand, Vossius & Partner


Q&A with our Speakers


Networking Opportunity

Participation is free, however registration is required before May 3, 2022.

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