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Data driven pharmaceutical and chemical production

13th Technology Circle: 
Data driven pharmaceutical and chemical production

The pharmaceutical and chemical production is one of the most important industrial sectors in our tri-national ecosystem. What happens when Industry 4.0 modifies the industry?

New Industry 4.0 technologies have unleashed a transformative wave of production processes. These innovations, driven by automation, data analytics and connectivity, are redefining the way production plants are operated. This ongoing revolution promises greater efficiency, improved quality control and unprecedented insights into manufacturing processes.

Early real use cases have resulted in significant productivity gains in production environments.

Join us to learn more about the groundbreaking advances that are shaping the future of these vital industries.



Sébastien Meunier and  Albert Hilber
Basel Area Business & Innovation


Unlocking the potential of digital twins for pharmaceutical production
This talk explores the transformative potential of digital twins in multi-purpose and continuous pharma production, highlighting use cases from data visualization to downtime reduction. It also addresses the existing challenges of validation within the stringent GMP environment, offering insights into balancing innovation and compliance. 

Alessandro Luca Plozner, Technical Process Manager Value Stream Vials Speed, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG


Data science framework: From raw data to AI in GMP environment

Future or not? Data science not only gained attention, but also relevance in the pharmaceutical industry in 2023. But how does data science work in the GxP environment? IT Historian Engineer Stefan Kramberg presents initial experiences using the example of a project at the Institute for Chemistry and Bioanalytics at the FHNW and shows in his presentation how ControlTech Engineering AG combines the worlds of OT, Data Science and GxP environments with a structured approach.

Stefan Kramberg, IT System Engineer, ControlTech Engineering AG


From Complexity to Clarity – Leveraging Data & AI for Cyber Security and Resilience in Production Environments 
Industrial production systems are increasingly connected. The secure and reliable operation of these networks has become business critical. The number of cyber-attacks on networks has grown in recent years and network interruptions can cause significant production downtimes. Based on our current research and field projects, we show how an automatically generated digital twin of the network radically simplifies network & security management. 

Dr. Tim Senn, Co-founder Narrowin
Dr. Christopher Scherb, Lecturer FHNW 


Rapid ramp-up and higher OEE in pharma production through AI software tools
The ramp-up process of new production lines often exceeds the defined time limit to reach a given level, e.g. OQ or PQ or more generally, the period from FAT to SAT. The presentation shows how pharma and medical device production reached up to 15 % more output and reduced ramp-up periods by 20%. 

Felix Georg Müller, CEO and Co-Founder Plus10 GmbH, i4Challenge 2022 


Lessons learned from implementing AI in pharma manufacturing
We share examples and lessons learned from working in GMP environment and show projects from ideation through challenges until qualification. How can you increase the success rate of your AI projects? 

Charles Ezan and Noemie Prin, SW developer Axom Solutions SA, i4Challenge 2022/23 


Deploying scalable, secure and intelligent IoT systems for real-time monitoring of manufacturing processes
Although IoT has exploded in recent years, it has had slow adoption due to lack of compliant systems for industrial use cases. We provide a fully self-contained solution offering both HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) and SaaS where users can manage devices, alarms and machine learning models. We provide our users with their data without compromising their security. 

Normand Overney, CEO and Co-Founder Colomba Link GmbH, i4Challenge 2023 


End-to-end machine learning on-premise in the pharma industry
Enabling domain experts to become citizen data scientists in safety-critical environments – requirements, platforms, building blocks and outcomes. 

Todor Kostov, CEO Reasonance GmbH, i4Challenge 2023


Wrap up and close 



Participation is free, however registration is required before October 17th, 2023.

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