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6. Tri-national Industry 4.0 Technology Circle – Innovation and development in the region through the Upper Rhine competence network (EN/DE/FR)

Field of activity: New technology and cybersecurity

In the last Technology Circle, we discovered a set of advanced technologies in the production shop floor. This creates a multitude of digital innovations that will allow 50 percent of today’s work activities to be automated by 2025.

The sixth Technology Circle will focus on the identification of the necessary technology concepts.

  • Robots will always impact humans
  • Self-learning, reconfigurable robots will drive automation
  • We have to change the way machines are programed
  • Issues with robotics: flexibility, adaptability, minimal programming efforts
  • Cybersecurity

You have to change everything so that nothing changes.

Many companies operate in an extremely dynamic environment. Customers expect their needs to being met quickly. To remain successful as an entrepreneur, it is becoming increasingly important to benefit from a network. The Technology Circle Industry 4.0 is a great opportunity for us to exchange information and know-how. This meeting is a continuation of the Technology Circles that started in 2019.

Join our tri-national Technology Circle Industry 4.0.

The sixth meeting “New technology and cybersecurity” will take place on invitation of Basel Area Business & Innovation, CCI Alsace – Eurométropole, IHK Südlicher Oberrhein and Titane-E, on Tuesday, 21.09.2021 16:00 as a video conference.

Conference language: English

Workshop languages: German, French, English

Participation is free, however registration is required before September 20, 2021.




IIoT, data infrastructure, smart factory: IT-OT cybersecurity

Sarka Pekarova, Cybersecurity Consultant at Dreamlab Technologies AG

With progress of Industry 4.0 and use of IIoT, the world of automation gets more connected with its advantages as well as challenges. The industrial production environments (smart factory) require a different approach when it comes to cyber security than our typical IT networks.

Understanding how to keep industrial environments secure is crucial in order to maintain them operational, enable their full potential as well as keeping them safe.


Special technology focus

Methods to increase efficiency in human-robot collaborative applications.
M. Sc. Urban Himmelsbach – Hochschule Offenburg

The efficiency of human-robot collaborative systems is essential for their acceptance on the shop floors. Different applications need different methods to ensure the safety of the operator. We show ways to increase the efficiency of such systems through application of speed and separation monitoring.


Use Cases: robot programming made easy

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Björn Hein, Hochschule Karlsruhe / University of Applied Sciences
Intelligente Produktion und Cloud-Robotics

Concepts using automatic path planning algorithms for simplifying the programming process of industrial robots.
Using machine learning and especially transfer learning approaches to simplify object detection and other perception related tasks.




Summary / Presentation

Presentation of the results of the workshop


End of Session – Networking