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7. Tri-national Industry 4.0 Technology Circle – Innovation and development in the region through the Upper Rhine competence network (EN/DE/FR)

Leverage IIoT and advanced technologies for digital transformation
The last Technology Circle focused on cyber security and robotics. One of the outcomes was that it is key to have well-defined use cases.

Therefore, the 7th Technology Circle focuses on use cases in the smart factory:
A digital and analytics IIoT use case solves a problem for the user or increases productivity, efficiency, and convenience, mostly with the help of special software. It is differentiated from a normal “ongoing improvement” type of measure or activity by the following criteria:

  • Is significant in size
  • Is measurable in terms of impact
  • requires investment and effort
  • Requires a decision to move ahead and allocate resources

Conference language: English
Workshop languages: German, French, English

You have to change everything so that nothing changes.
Many companies operate in an extremely dynamic environment. Customers expect their needs to being met quickly. To remain successful as an entrepreneur, it is becoming increasingly important to benefit from a network. The Technology Circle Industry 4.0 is a great opportunity for us to exchange information and knowledge. This meeting is a continuation of the Technology Circles that took place regularly since 2019.

Join our trinational Technology Circle Industry 4.0.
The 7th meeting will take place on personal invitation of Basel Area Business & Innovation, CCI Alsace – Eurométropole, IHK Südlicher Oberrhein, Titane-E, on Tuesday, 16.11.2021 as a video conference.



Key note: Experientia Global SA
Mark Vanderbeeken, Founding Partner and CEO

Designing for and with human operators in the factory of the future

The role of humans in the factory of the future is changing quickly: The work of human operators is moving from planning and performing manufacturing tasks to collaborating with machines, supervising operations, problem-solving, orchestrating innovative solutions and developing technology-based solutions.

Mark Vanderbeeken will elaborate on how to best design such new collaborative working processes, and provide a case study of how his company, Experientia, worked with a major industrial player on mapping out the customer journey and actors involved during an industrial maintenance process, particularly with regards to error diagnosis and restoration processes when a production line goes down. Experientia defined the precise combination of user and system-generated content that continuously improves according to daily incoming data about maintenance operations, and then developed an AR solution that implements this operationally.


Use Case: BLP-Digital AG
Thore Harmuth, Co-Founder & CCO

ERP Process Automation. Out of the Box.
How to gain value-added time and free up employees when AI processes all incoming ERP documents.

Using real-world examples, we show how the AI-based technology developed at ETH relieves SMEs in document processing. Our software solution:

  • Holistic solution, seamlessly connecting across divisions. Sales, Procurement, Logistics and Accounting
  • Ability to handle inconsistent and incomplete data
  • Standard integrations with major ERP’s for onboarding of new customers within days

The back-office revolution has begun because technology has reached the level of maturity needed to fully automate document processes end-to-end.


Use Case: Astrée Software
Régis Rivas-Walter

  • How to fully leverage the vast amount of data generated by IIoT?
  • Contextual information?
  • MES real-time data enrichment and sharing processes?

Because the IIoT does not only integrate a hardware dimension but adds also a lot of software and must be combined with a real-time system: the MES.




Summary / Presentation
Presentation of the results of the workshop


End of Session – Networking

Participation is free, however registration is required before November 15th, 2021

Our partners

CCI Alsace – Eurométropole

IHK Südlicher Oberrhein


BLP-Digital AG

Experientia Global SA

Astrée Software