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Basel Healthtech Conference 2024

MTIP partnering with STIFEL Europe

Join us for a two-day event showcasing the latest in healthtech innovation, networking, and inspiration. Gain access to cutting-edge research and top-notch content while discovering solutions addressing significant healthcare challenges.

Event features:
Innovation focus: Explore healthtech solutions from startups to industry leaders, addressing key healthcare challenges and improving lives.
Speaker sessions: Learn from influential figures in healthcare innovation, gaining insights that shape the industry’s future.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with healthcare transformers, key opinion leaders, and industry players to foster collaborations.
Basel Ecosystem: Immerse yourself in the Basel ecosystem, experiencing a unique blend of research, entrepreneurship, and community support.

Who should attend:
Healthtech companies: Showcase your innovations and connect with potential collaborators.
Founders and innovators: Discover opportunities and gain insights from industry leaders.
Key opinion leaders: Contribute to shaping the future of healthtech.
Industry leaders and senior executives: Stay updated on trends and network with peers.
Academia and decisionmakers: Contribute to the fusion of research and real-world impact in healthtech.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a conference driving healthtech collaboration and innovation. Join us for two days of impactful connections and insights.