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Webinar: The Basel-Stadt COVID-19 credit guarantee program for tech start-ups

Technology-based start-up companies are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in a special way. The canton of Basel-Stadt is providing specific support for these companies in the form of a credit guarantee programme. The programme allows start-up companies based in Basel-Stadt that have run into difficulties due to COVID-19 to receive subordinated loans. Within this framework, guarantees from the canton can be granted to the total amount of up to 40 million Swiss francs. Basel-Stadt partners with the Eckenstein-Geigy-Stiftung and the Basler Kantonalbank (BKB).

This webinar will cover the details of the COVID-19 credit guarantee programme, the requirements and will include a Q&A part with the opportunity to discuss specific situations and questions.

Please submit your questions beforehand here to allow the speakers to prepare.



Welcome and short survey

Karin Sartorius, Manager Life Sciences, Economic Development, AWA Basel-Stadt


Key Elements: Cantonal COVID-19 credit guarantee programme for tech start-ups

Samuel Hess, Head of Economic Affairs, Office of Economy and Labour (AWA) Basel-Stadt


How does COVID19 affect biotech start-ups and what support is planned in Switzerland?

Michael Altorfer, CEO Swiss Biotech Association


How to apply the BS COVID-19 credit guarantee programme

Felix Kohlermann, Business Economist, Deputy Head of Finance, Department of Economic, Social and Environmental  Affairs (WSU) Basel-Stadt





Participation is free, however registration is required before January 13, 2021.
The webinar is organized by the Economic Development Unit, AWA, Canton of Basel-Stadt, and supported by Basel Area Business & Innovation.