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BiotechX Europe

Follow the whole data pipeline from bedside to bench and back to the clinic

BioTechX Europe is Europe’s largest congress covering diagnostics, precision medicine and digital transformation in pharmaceutical development and healthcare. Over the years we have fostered strong relationships with local partners such as the Canton of Basel, Novartis, Roche and various incubators to cover the full pipeline of drug development. The congress features senior speakers from the top 50 pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, healthcare systems and academic groups creating endless networking opportunities.

In 2024 BioTechX will return to Basel, the pharma hub of Europe, this time with 3500 global executives, 400 speakers and 50 start-ups all under one roof.

The city of Basel is primarily known as one of the most important locations for the pharmaceutical industry. More than 30,000 people work in the life sciences in the Basel region – from world-leading research groups to biotech entrepreneurs and patent specialists. The Basel region covers the entire value chain from education to sales, forming a cluster that unites universities, university hospitals, global pharmaceutical companies and other research and business institutions.

It is less well known that Basel is the oldest university city in Switzerland and that many health innovations have their origins here. Accordingly, the University of Basel is one of the most important cornerstones of our life science location. Many scientists who were important to the world of medicine have researched and taught at the University of Basel – including Paracelsus and ten Nobel Prize winners. What would Paracelsus have said over 500 years ago if he had heard the topics discussed at the BioTechX congress today? The topics alone show how far we have come in medicine. So much further than even one of the brightest medical minds like Paracelsus could have ever predicted.