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Networking Event Series – Technology-Driven Entrepreneurship (EN) – empowered by Innosuisse

Building Innovation Ecosystems

Given the pace of change in nearly every aspect of society, transformative innovation is imperative. At the same time, transformation is difficult for large established companies. Open innovation – collaboration with outside entities such as startups – is a powerful tool for exploring both business model and technological innovation.

A thriving ecosystem provides a healthy environment in which dramatically different types of entities can find each other and the resources they need to explore and ultimately engage in transformative innovation.

In this event, empowered by Innosuisse, you will have the opportunity to understand different perspectives on business ecosystem building.

After the keynote by Diana Joseph and Mikel Mangold, we’ll deep dive in a panel discussion to address the following questions:
1. Business: “Ecosystem” is a buzzword. How can we create value and business out of it on a practical level?
2. Trust: Trust is the foundation for any collaborative action. What are the prerequisites for an ecosystem of trust?
3. Action: It is all about getting started. What are recommendations for action?


The event will also be an opportunity to participate in a raffle to win a voucher for the upcoming book of Mikel Mangold: Today’s Superpower: Building Networks. Check out the book announcement here.



Frank Kumli, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Basel Area Business & Innovation


Keynote: Today’s superpower: building networks
Diana Joseph, CEO, Corporate Accelerator Forum, Silicon Valley Innovation Consultant

Mikel Mangold, Innovation Project Manager at Venture Lab NGK SPARK PLUG and author of the upcoming book: Today’s Superpower: Building Networks


Panel Discussion
Hicham Naim, Global Head Integrated & Personalized Care Program, Digital Advisory Board, Takeda

Rosen Dimitrov, Public Affairs Manager, Novartis Bulgaria & Vice-chairperson, Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria

Host and moderation: Frank Kumli, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Basel Area Business & innovation




1:1 Networking

Participation is free, however registration is required before November 23 , 2021.