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ChatGPT und Generative Al Training




09:00 - 17:00



– What is ChatGPT and Generative Al?
– How does Generative Al work (technical background)?
– Limits and Future View: What does already work and what not?
– Use Cases for Generative Al and how to find them?
– Prompt Engineering tips and tricks
– ChatGPT Plug Ins and how you can use them?
– Privacy aspects of the use of ChatGPT
– What are the opportunities and risks when using -ChatGPT?
– What are the costs related to Generative Al?
– Generative Al tools (e.g. Jasper, Make, more) to facilitate your work and personal goals
– Overview on chatbots, and other Al products products, and how you can realize them

Language: German (if many attendees only speak English, we can adapt of course)

+ Access to our community for at least 1 year after the course
+ Material of all learning nuggets and additional support links

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