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CLINAM (Clinical nanomedicine) summit

Its 14th summit as a hybrid event with personal attendance and in live stream. CLINAM 14/2023 is the unique traditional platform with a scientific programme that will elucidate the state of the art of nanomedicine in production, development at the clinic, for prevention, diagnosis and therapy. Since the development of mRNA vaccines based on lipid nanoparticles, nanomedicine has received huge awareness and has matured to a boosting field with highest recognition.

This is the right moment to review the development of the technology as well as to look at the products and their use in clinical medicine at patient’s bed. The achievement of the revolutionary protective wall against COVID‐19 by mRNA vaccines predicts a profound acceleration of innovative drug development to the benefit of patients.

However, not for all humankind: How can we enable and improve healthcare in countries where therapy until today is unaffordable or absent? For this, delivery of drugs by different nanoparticles shall be an important issue. All stakeholders in the field, including many high‐ranking scientists, this year two Nobel Laureates, and leading managers and regulatory authorities from all continents, exploit the CLINAM‐summit since 15 years for new projects and making bonds for cooperation. All speakers contribute to an excellent scientific outlook.

For 2023, CLINAM addressed three outstanding organizers of renowned conferences and invited them to participate with a session within the CLINAM Summit. The different skills of the parties will give a unique interdisciplinary perspective on nanomedicine and related fields in Europe and on the international level. The international regulatory authorities shall have their IPRP Meeting during the Summit.