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DayOne Health Hack: Data Future – Closing ceremony

The best way to transform the healthcare industry is by assembling diverse,
interdisciplinary teams of experts, practitioners, and outside-the-box thinkers to tackle specific challenges in defined environments. DayOne Health Hack: Data Future embodies this collaborative approach to innovation. Join our closing ceremony virtually to see teams pitching and be the first to discover who won the competition. Besides the main prize we prepared 4 special prizes to award teams in such nominations as “The Champions Award”, “Uniqueness of design of digital health solution”, “Project Recognition” and “Entreprenueral Mindset”.

Challenges the teams will work on and present their solutions:  ​​​​​​​
1. Empowering patients and health through healthcare data ownership
2. Improving remote care outcomes
3. Catalysing adoption of digital health solutions
4. Coordinating the patient flow within healthcare

Connect with the participants and learn from the inspiring closing keynote.

Keynote “Digital Health – From assumptions to implementations” by Thomas Boillat, Digital Health Solutions Partner @Roche.
Only a few years ago, digital health was not a common term in our lexicon, much less something well understood by patients and most care providers. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, circumstances have changed globally and the ecosystem has become fertile for the rapid expansion of digital health. Most if not all large healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, etc. have groups dedicated solely to digital health. Though prototypes and proof of concepts are unveiled everyday in the news or on different social media platforms, the true impact of digital health on patients and healthcare systems is not that obvious. This talk will shed light on challenges that are preventing the adoption of digital health solutions, while highlighting opportunities for startups and other health stakeholders.

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