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DayOne Experts: smart prevention — how to make it happen and the role of immunity, nutrition & health data (EN)

“It’s cheaper to clean up a mess than to avoid a mess.” This mantra, coined by Alan Greenspan explaining why financial bubbles happen, stands very much at the core of how we as a society typically seem to deal with health: rather than nudging and rewarding people to conduct a healthier life and increase their immunity, the primary focus of efforts and resources is often on treating sickness.

How can this change? What role do health data, nutrition and immunity play in this? And what difference would it make? Find out at our DayOne Experts Event, co-hosted by DSM Nutritional Products.

There are a couple of reasons why it is not an easy thing to successfully implement preventive measures. First of all, behavioral change is hard to accomplish. Secondly, in most cases it is challenging to show the scientific evidence that a certain measure works and is worth the effort. One key focus area is the importance of an optimal nutrient intake to support our health – with a focus on immunity and beyond. Last but not least, we need to consider a business and policy model that makes prevention less of a moral burden but a worthwhile experience that we are willing to apply in a smart way.

These are the big questions we will address at the DayOne Experts Event:

  • Will the rise of digital and data availability change the landscape – and if so to what extent?
  • What can we learn from the current pandemic?
  • Does nutrition play a role in supporting your immunity?
  • Which data should we take into consideration to shape the future?

We will be using the virtual event platform to create an enganging virtual event for you. Register now and click the “Join event” button, as you have to create a hopin account with a password of your own choosing (without double confirmation) to access the event. Don’t worry, this is only to help you interact and meet other attendees at the event. Once registered, you’ll be able to access the event directly 5 minutes before it starts.



Welcome and introduction

Thomas Brenzikofer, DayOne, Basel Area Business & Innovation


Immunity is more important than ever; is it smart to care about optimal nutrient intake?

Peter Van-Dael, DSM Nutritional Products


Beyond health data, what context teaches us about Covid-19 and why it’s hard to listen

Christopher Rudolf, Volv


Developing algorithmic models for predicting health risk years in advance, out of health consumption data with the aim to pro-actively coach and limit personal risks

Nicolas Loeillot, Groupe Mutuel


Prevention requires a more systemic approach to health

John-Paul Cory, patient activist and patient champion of the DayOne Health Hack


Breakout sessions with speakers


Panel discussion





Random 3 min video chat with another participant

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