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Innosuisse Networking Series: “What to do with the CO2? – Innovative business models needed for decarbonization”

We would like to invite you to another Innosuisse Networking Series to discuss and exchange thoughts on one of the most urgent topics of our time. The necessity to decarbonize our economy is fundamentally transforming our economy and our daily lives.

However, the political decisions and regulations may unfold; evidently, we must find innovative solutions that support the transition. We have to reduce emissions, but that will not be enough. We must capture carbon from industrial processes and store the CO2, either permanently or until we can use it for good. While net-zero is already a seemingly unsurmountable challenge, we must develop business models with a negative-carbon balance, just to compensate for what we have already destroyed. 

Where do we stand in developing such technologies? Is direct air capture, CCS, CDR doing the trick? Is your business ready and what opportunities do you see in this transition? Or is there no other way than to go back to the flintstones?

Come and network with entrepreneurs and researchers that are working on solutions.

This event is organized in cooperation with GETEC PARK in Muttenz. GETEC is offering startups working with and on industrial processes infrastructure opportunities, where they can flexibly start and grow their production lines. GETEC also offers access to potential partners, where startups can test their solutions. GETEC will be organizing a tour through the park and answer your questions at the event. 



Door Opening


Welcome & Introduction
Johannes Bohren, Basel Area Business & Innovation,


Welcome to GETEC PARK
Arthur Gebhardt,


Tour through GETEC PARK.SWISS (Book through the App)


Presentation of Panelists showcasing their work for a carbon-negative future


Panel and Q&A about “What to do with the CO2”
Henri Beranek, corporate strategy and sustainability at carbonauten – the minus CO2 factory
Aliénor von Roten, Manager of the Innosuisse Carbon Removal Booster at Sus.lab ETH,
Till Berger, Head of Fachstelle Klima Canton Basel Stadt
Paolo Piffaretti, Founder & CEO of Carbonx


Networking Apéro

Participation is free, however registration is required before October 31st, 2023.

For further information

For further information regarding the event registration process, please do not hesitate to contact
Mariana Rado
Manager Digital Events
Tel.: +41 61 295 50 00