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Finance your innovation – Non-dilutive funding and support for startups and SMEs (EN)

 Innovation is the key for continuing successful business. To initiate innovation and collaborations non-dilutive funding opportunities for companies became increasingly important as a strategic source of financing and support. In particular, EU-funding in Horizon Europe, Eurostars and support by Innosuisse will be presented. Insights into running projects (success stories) from companies’ representatives will be provided.


Basel Area Business & Innovation and Euresearch Basel offer this afternoon event for SMEs, startups and people with an entrepreneurial spirit as well as stakeholders in this field and provide a unique overview on different funding opportunities. The mission is to help entrepreneurs to find the best matching funding instrument for individual needs.



by Basel Area Business & Innovation and Euresearch Basel


Horizon Europe – Funding options for Swiss companies

Stefan Fischer, NCP for EIC, Euresearch Network Office, Bern

“Funding opportunities for SMEs in Horizon Europe”


Success Story Horizon 2020

Uli Siebold, Team Leader Research, IC Information Company, Pratteln

“How IC maximizes the benefits from a running Horizon 2020 project for product development”


Eurostars as an SME funding instrument

Janique Siffert, Innosuisse, Eurostars Project Coordinator, Innosuisse, Bern

“Bottom-up funding for SMEs through Eurostars”


Success Story Eurostars

Andreas Meyer, CEO, FGen, Basel

“Non-dilutive funding as ‚smart money‘ during company growth”





Innosuisse – Overview on different support activities

Janique Siffert, Innosuisse, Eurostars Project Coordinator, Innosuisse, Bern

“Overview about Innosuisse funding and support instruments“


Success Story Innosuisse Innovation Project

Ruben Herrendorff, CEO Polyneuron, Basel

“How Innosuisse has been supporting Polyneuron R&D since the company inception”


Q&A with all speakers

break-outs for Horizon Europe, Eurostars and Innosuisse



Participation is free, however registration is required before September 15 , 2021.

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