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Financing in times of COVID-19 for Basel Area based life science and hightech startups (EN)

Almost a year after our first webinar on financing startups in times of COVID-19, the pandemic measures are still keeping the global economy on edge. The Swiss Venture Capital Report, however, reports “2.1 billion invested despite pandemic”. In this webinar, we invite investors to recap the last year and discuss the current and future situation for startups.

Together with Alexander Mayweg from Versant Ventures, Pascal Winnen from Hemex and multi life sciences entrepreneur Roger Meier, the Basel-Stadt Office of Economy and Labour, the Basel-Landschaft economic development and Basel Area Business & Innovation aim to answer the following questions:

  • What was the impact of the pandemic on the investment propensity in retrospect?
  • Has the situation changed now?
  • What are the expectations for the next six months?
  • Have startups been able to benefit from government measures?

Participation is free, however registration is required before March 3 , 2021.



How COVID19 affects startups
Participants report their experiences


Welcome & introduction
Karin Sartorius, Manager Life Sciences, Economic Development, AWA, Basel-Stadt
Dr. Robert Sum, Corporate Support Life Science, Economic Development Basel-Landschaft
Dr. Adrian Sprenger, Manager Entrepreneurship Basel Area Business & Innovation


Global perspective: How is the VC market for biotech companies
Dr. Alexander Mayweg, Managing Director Versant Ventures


Swiss perspective: Venture capital overview for local companies
Dr. Robert Sum, Corportae Support Life Siences, Economic Development Baselland


Dr. Alexander Mayweg, Managing Director Versant Ventures
Pascal Winnen, CEO of HEMEX AG
Roger Meier, multi entrepreneur & business builder in life sciences

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