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Health Data Futures – Launch Event 2022 (EN)

Digitalization is driving an exponential growth in the availability of health data and has the potential to radically transform patient lives, health industries and enable the creation of new business ecosystems. In this rapidly changing environment, it is critical for the public, businesses and governments alike to understand the potential of this transformation.

The future landscape of health data depends on multiple complex societal, technological, environmental and political factors and is therefore associated with tremendous uncertainties.

With this event, we start a new series of events called “Health Data Futures”. We aim to provide concrete recommendations for the health data ecosystem in Europe in terms of framework conditions required to accelerate digital health innovation. We will do so by inquiring about ongoing developments and implementations in the tech industry as well as in the academic world, identifying concrete gaps and designing potential areas of cooperation to develop the appropriate framework conditions for digital health innovation.



Lucas Scherdel, Basel Area Business & Innovation


Frank Kumli, Basel Area Business & Innovation


Partner presentation
Claudia Luther, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH


The role of health data in patient challenges
Daniel Johnson, Takeda Pharma AG£
Maurizio Roveri, Takeda Pharma AG


Digital health applications
Dr. Ursula Kramer, sanawork GmbH


Cybersecurity and privacy compliance challenges in the era of digital health
Dylan Johnston, MOD1 AG


AI and data volume
Christian Kauth, HealthCare Futurists GmbH


From (routine) health care data to FAIR research data
Dr. Katrin Crameri, Swiss Personalized Health Network


Call to partners / consortium:
Frédéric Nicolet, Basel Area Business & Innovation

Participation is free, however registration is required before Mai 15, 2022