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It’s about Tech #3: Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) – a reality check

What would the digital world be without its hypes? Just bits and bytes? Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence was already heading beyond its peak when Chat GPT appeared and inflamed the discussion once more.

Some argue that this is it, the break through to a new area of artificial intelligence that will change professional and social lives forever. Others just point out to yet another PR coup by the tech world, timely after the downfall of crypto. Thirds show their concerns: Are the algorithms backed by obscure behemoths now ready for the usurpation of human cognition?

Despite the never-ending philosophical dispute there are some real reasons to be enthusiastic, realistic and skeptical at the same time. But most of all let’s have an insightful look at cases that actually work and discuss the challenges we are facing implementing DSAI. Not the be missed, please register now!