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IT’s ABOUT TECH #6: Starting a tech company today: Where are the sweet spots? Where the blind spots?

“Discover the Evolution of Tech Startups: From Dotcom Dreams to Swiss Success”

Remember the dotcom boom’s informal startup culture with just a wine and a napkin idea? Those days may be over, but the startup buzz continues. Switzerland, in particular, has made significant strides in funding digital startups in the last decade. However, most Swiss software companies still operate traditionally, driven by founders and sustained by positive cash flow. Is this approach outdated, unambitious, or a wise strategy? Find out at our upcoming “IT’s ABOUT TECH EVENT: How to start a tech company today?” on November 28 in Klybeq at 17.30.

At the event, we’ll hear from Christoph Hugenschmidt, a veteran IT journalist and author of “Inside Abacus and the crazy history of the Swiss IT industry.” He will share insights into Switzerland’s impressive software success stories, shedding light on the journey from the past to the present. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert about the evolution of the Swiss IT industry.

Looking to the future, the event will feature Basel’s tech founders and experienced entrepreneurs discussing the changing landscape of tech startups. They’ll delve into various strategies for starting a tech company today, from bootstrapping to partnering or seeking venture capital. Additionally, they’ll explore the potential and challenges of Switzerland as a tech hub, identifying both the opportunities and blind spots. Join us to understand the current state and future prospects of starting a tech company in Switzerland.

Gebäude: WKL-105 (Pumpenpool), 4057 Basel, (Tram Nr. 8, Haltestelle: Ciba)