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Lights-out Manufacturing in Pharma (EN/DE)

Automation is the key to efficiency – and robotics is the tool for it. But how does successful automation work? What possibilities do robotics and mobile robots offer? And where do we come up against limits?

Discussions about the latest trends in automation solutions in the pharmaceutical industry are currently taking place everywhere. It is difficult to maintain an overview and find realistic approaches.

That’s why we at Pharmabotix have put together our “Lights-out Manufacturing in Pharma” workshop. Short and crisp, we inform you about everything you need to know. In addition, we show you in two real showcases how we have helped other customers achieve successful automation.

  • Presentation “The path to lights-out manufacturing”: current opportunities, obstacles to consider and key developments.
  • Live showcase “Vials”: Handling, inspection, filling and closing of vials by robots
  • Live showcase “Transport”: latest, intelligent and driverless transport systems for intralogistics

Whether you already have concrete ideas, are new to the topic, or are looking for a competent partner to support you, participation in our workshop will give you the knowledge you need to take the next steps toward maximizing efficiency.