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Medtech & Pharma Platform 8th Annual Conference “Achieving agility to foster innovation and bring value to patients” (EN)

The Medtech & Pharma Platform (MPP) 2021 Annual Conference will be dedicated to “Achieving agility to foster innovation and bring value to patients”.

After the keynote speech delivered by a representative from the TB Partnership, a panel discussion with experts from the European Commission, EMA, US FDA, MHRA, Team-NB, and academia will provide forward-looking perspectives on the framework for combined products. In the afternoon, sessions will dive into the following topics:

  • Achieving a supporting regulatory framework
  • How digital health creates value
  • Patient engagement in product development
  • Innovation approaches for combined products

The Conference will be held in a virtual setting and free of charge for all participants to enable participation from an international audience. The virtual platform will enable participants to access companies’ profile and schedule video meetings throughout the day.

The Conference provides a cross-sectoral forum to exchange knowledge, collaborate in technology and regulatory areas as well as promote product development and innovation. Focusing on products and solutions that combine medicinal product and medical device components, including devices that incorporate software, the Conference is dedicated to enhancing partnerships between the pharma, medtech, and ICT sectors. The audience includes representatives from these sectors, regulators, notified bodies, patient organizations, and academia.

You find the full program here