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In-Depth Pricing Workshop: Structured Pricing for Innovative Products and Services (EN)

How to maximize your customers willingness to pay

Prices are an important driver for the growth and revenue generated by your company. However, pricing of innovative products and services is often particularly challenging. The customer benefit and the value of your service are often difficult to quantify. Reference prices are missing and the willingness to pay of potential customers is still unclear. Moreover, the value proposition of innovative product and services often evolves further quickly, and the pricing model has to be flexible enough to integrate new products, services and features.

This interactive in-depth pricing workshop is based on the MUTUVAL® solution and aimed specifically at companies and start-ups who want to

  • discuss their own pricing questions and develop ideas for their pricing model,
  • design an outline of their individual value-based pricing model,
  • learn how to design their value-based pricing model in a structured way,
  • analyze best practice examples and share their pricing experiences with the other attendees

The pricing workshop is targeted to products and services in unregulated markets. However, the presented method and content can also be of value for products and services in regulated markets.

Participation to the event is free of charge; however, your registration by 10th June 2021 is kindly required.
To enable an interactive discussion and a lively exchange between the participants the number of participants of this workshop will be limited.

The webinar will be conducted by Christian Wirth, founder and managing partner of Optimal Price GmbH. With his pricing solution Christian has supported more than 200 companies since 2014 to design and optimize their pricing models. SaaS pricing and the pricing of innovative products and services are his specialties. For more than 20 years, he has held management positions in pricing and marketing for companies, such as Mercedes-Benz AG, MCC smart GmbH, Swisscom AG and Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG. Further information about the pricing solution you find on

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