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The International Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Health

Over one and a half days we will embark on an exploration of today’s healthcare landscape, and explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing the way we perform individualized diagnostics, discover therapeutics, and map the population health-disease continuum through future citizen twins towards one health.

Unprecedented achievements of artificial intelligence have can revolutionize health. AI is applied to traditional clinical, laboratory and multi-omics data for precision diagnostics. However, the recording of continuous and objective digital biomarkers under real-world conditions has transformed diagnostics, from precision to individualized. The advent of digital medicine, parallel to the progress of single-molecule/cell detection technologies, and the promise of generative artificial intelligence opens new venues of research and applications for healthcare.

aiHealth2024 offers three sessions focused on the applications of artificial intelligence in health: AI for diagnostics, AI for therapeutics, and generative AI for digital twins in healthcare. Industry partners, clinicians and academics will have the opportunity to dialogue on the latest research, current needs, and future constellations to write the history of healthcare forwards with artificial intelligence.

The aiHealth2024 sessions on diagnostics, therapeutics, and citizen-care will feature insightful presentations to elucidate the latest findings from artificial intelligence applications in both traditional and digital medicine, investigate common challenges and promises, and explore their potential future merger into digital twins for health through engaging discussions. Reflecting the spirit of translational medicine and digital transformation, agile interactive 20-minute workshops will showcase on-screen emerging applications of AI addressing diagnostics, therapeutics and citizen health.