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Open mic: Next in health series

Charting the future of life sciences with AI, quantum and beyond

Fortunately, we are already fully booked on-site, but we are happy to welcome you online upon registration.

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing and a spectrum of innovative technologies promises to reshape the very fabric of healthcare, research and our understanding of life itself.

Join our event, “Charting the future of life sciences with AI, quantum and beyond,” to navigate this uncharted territory together with other seasoned professionals and industry leaders.

From AI-driven drug discovery to the quantum-powered simulation of biological processes, we stand at the cusp of groundbreaking discoveries that hold the promise of improved patient care, more efficient research, and innovations that once seemed out of reach. Join us on this journey of exploration and collaboration as we chart a course toward a future where the possibilities are boundless.

Open mic: Next in health invites leaders from vastly different backgrounds to take the mic in a relaxing yet controversial conversation and share their views on the future of health. We welcome life sciences and healthcare disruptors to the Novartis Pavillon to discuss latest trends in digital health innovation.

This event is hosted by the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.



Door opening


Welcome by hosts

  • Ursula Costa, Director DayOne – Healthcare Innovation, Basel Area Business & Innovation
  • Rahel Schneider, Community Manager and Site Development Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, Basel Area Business & Innovation


Discussion with the key opinion leaders


Q&A session