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Prototype medtech spine displayed on a table at the SIP Jura Medtech congress 2022

IP protection for startups

Imagine your biotech innovation can change the world. Imagine someone says it was their idea.
Six startup stages, 1. Pre-Seed stage. 2. Seed stage. 3. Early stage. 4. Growth stage. 5. Expansion stage. 6. Exit stage.

The 6 stages of a startup (and how to master each).

In this guide, you’ll learn about the different startup stages, how you can master each…
Startup ecosystem young people talking, dringing coffe at the innovation lounge

Your comprehensive guide to Switzerland’s startup ecosystem.

Learn about startup ecosystems and the 7 vital support institutions for Switzerland’s startup ecosystem to…
Mentoring session at DayOne startup lab

Mentoring for startups

Here’s everything you need to know about leveraging a startup mentor to fuel your company’s…

Medtech startups in the Basel Area

Discover 19 promising medtech startups and companies from the region. Meet our expert Florian Saner…

Everything you need to know about non-dilutive funding in 10 minutes.

Finding the right option for your small business needs can be overwhelming. Non-dilutive funding is…
Startup funding 10 ways

10 ways to get funding for your Swiss startup.

Learn which type of funding is best for you and how to get it. Give…

7 powerful social media strategy hacks for startups

Discover how to build your online presence from scratch and create a successful social media…
two women talking at dayone accelerator demo day

10 best accelerator and incubator programs for Swiss startups

Learn everything about the top 10 accelerator and incubator programs in Switzerland to select the…

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AI for SMEs – The complete guide to implementing AI in your manufacturing company

Over 3 years, we developed a guide to implementing AI in your manufacturing company. Learn…