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BaseLaunch announces a new partnership with AbbVie

Basel, 22.05.2024

BaseLaunch, the Basel-based biotech venture incubator, today announces that AbbVie has become its newest partner. Through this strategic investment into BaseLaunch, AbbVie gains access to the highest quality life science deal flow in central Europe.

Successful premiere for the BOOM Summit at Messe Basel

Basel, 12.04.2024

The inaugural BOOM Summit has passed its baptism of fire, providing an open forum for the 500 participants from all over Europe that congregated in the event hall at Messe Basel.

Basel Area shows stable high numbers of startups and new companies settling here

Basel, 19.03.2024

Like in previous years, also in 2023 many foreign companies and new startups chose the economic region of the Basel Area as their business location. Of the 34 companies that settled in the Basel Area, 26 operate in the life sciences, amounting to around three-quarters of the new companies settling here.

Novo Nordisk becomes a BaseLaunch partner

Basel, 18.12.2023

BaseLaunch, the Basel area-based biotech venture accelerator and incubator established in 2017, today announces that global healthcare company Novo Nordisk has become the latest partner to join BaseLaunch.

BOOM Summit set to revolutionize the healthcare landscape

Basel, 09.11.2023

DayOne and Kenes Group are thrilled to announce the inaugural BOOM Summit, a truly fresh take on the healthcare conferencing experience launching in April 2024.

New all-time high achieved with the foundation of companies

Basel, 23.03.2023

Never before has Basel Area Business & Innovation supported as many companies in the foundation of their businesses as in 2022. Last year, the investment and innovation promotion agency assisted and advised 96 startups in the foundation of their businesses.

200th company welcomed by Basel Area Business & Innovation

Basel, 06.07.2022

Basel Area Business & Innovation recently celebrated its 200th success story. The agency achieved this milestone by helping LifeMine Therapeutics – a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the US – to establish its European headquarters in the Basel Area.

Basel Area benefits from new record number of companies settling here

Basel, 24.03.2022
Record year for Basel Area Business & Innovation: in 2021, the investment and innovation promotion agency provided support to 39 companies settling in the cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt and Jura – more than ever before.

DayOne launches new call for Digital Health startups

Basel, 22.10.2021
DayOne, the Healthcare Innovation initiative based in Switzerland, expands on three verticals and announces the extended deadline for the global call for its digital health accelerator .

China based CMS joins BaseLaunch as latest partner

Basel, 22.09.2021
BaseLaunch, the Basel Area-based biotech venture accelerator and incubator, today announces that China Medical System Holdings Limited has become a partner to further strengthen BaseLaunch`s industry ties fueling its company building activities.

Coronavirus crisis has not slowed settling and founding of companies in the Basel Area

Basel, 22.03.2021
The number of companies settling in the Basel Area remained stable at a high level in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, Basel Area Business & Innovation provided 27 companies with support in their efforts to settle in the region.

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area opens new site on the Novartis Campus

Basel, 17.08.2020
Basel Area Business & Innovation is the first large external organization to benefit from the opening of the Novartis Campus. The newly opened site of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area is aimed at startups and established companies from the digital health and personalized medicine sectors.

Roche becomes founding partner of BaseLaunch Phase II

Basel, 15.05.2020
BaseLaunch, the Basel Area-based incubator and accelerator that helps scientists and entrepreneurs launch exceptional biotech companies, today announces that Roche has become a founding partner in the next phase of its company building activities.

In the Basel Area the healthtech sector is booming

Basel, 28.04.2020
As in previous years, the efforts of Basel Area Business & Innovation, the agency for investment and innovation promotion, also paid off in 2019. Last year, Basel Area Business & Innovation assisted in the settlement of 30 companies and the establishment of 62 startups.

Canton of Jura is the newest site of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

Courroux, 25.10.2019
The Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area is one of five sites of the national innovation park run by Switzerland Innovation. The fact that the canton of Jura is now also part of this network.

Go-ahead for unique innovation campus in Allschwil

Basel, 26.09.2019
The campus will add to the Basel region’s ecosystem for research, education and innovative businesses in the areas of life sciences, biotech, public health and medtech.

Who will seize the opportunity?

Basel, 26.09.2019
The DayOne Accelerator funding programme will support health projects for children and young people with a focus on digital solutions.

33 recently arrived companies create hundreds of jobs in the Basel region

Basel, 28.03.2019
The efforts to promote innovation and the region as a business location proved extremely successful in 2018.

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The Basel Area Business & Innovation Podcast

Martyna Wroblewska: «Build a biotech venture from scratch»

To build a successful biotechnology startup, your science needs to be waterproof, your commitment has to be at a level of 100 % and you’ll need financial support. The road to securing funding starts with your pitch deck. 

For biotech startups seeking early financing, a well-crafted deck can be the key to success. You use it to showcase your data, vision, business model and growth potential to experts ready to provide the resources and backing you’ll need. But how do you craft a deck that sets you apart? 

In this episode, Martyna Wroblewska talks about the perfect pitch deck. She is Manager Innovation and Sourcing at BaseLaunch and supports biotech startups in their early stage within the BaseLaunch incubator. 

Interview by Annett Altvater

Read our blog post on crafting an effective pitch deck. 

Build a biotech venture from scratch_Martyna_Podcast

Philipp Marchand: «Never underestimate the true value of IP»

Protecting the intellectual property is crucial for anyone who plans to bring an invention to market. Why? Because if you don’t protect your invention, anyone who is not you can use and sell it, too. Our guest in this episode of the Basel Area Business & Innovation podcast is Philipp Marchand. He studied chemistry and graduated in biophysics before he decided to become a patent attorney. Now he works with the law firm Vossius & Partner and advises companies on their IP strategy. Philipp is also a partner of BaseLaunch and coaches biotech startups with their IP strategy. Better get started with protecting your assets now.

Interview by Annett Altvater

Do you prefer to read? Go to the transcript.

Philipp Marchand, studied chemistry and graduated in biophysics. Now is a patent attorney at the law firm Vossius & Partner. Podcast visual

Patricia Gee: «To create the future of health, we need to come together as an ecosystem»

The future of health has already begun – but where does it lead us to? Patricia Gee is director of the future of health initiative at Deloitte Switzerland. We have talked to her about the drivers and barriers of the future of healthcare. In our podcast episode, you will also learn how highly she thinks of Basel – and about her home team, the Chicago Bulls.

Interview by Annett Altvater

You would like to read more? Find the transcript here.

Patricia Gee, Deloitte

Gwenael Hannema: «I always wanted to create something from scratch»

Already when he was young, he was driven to create and invent. Today at the age of 33, Gwenael Hannema is the CEO of the Jura medtech startup InnoSpina which develops novel implants and surgical instruments to simplify spine surgery. In this podcast, Gwenael Hannema talks about the bumpy road his startup has to take, his experience with another startup that failed, why a good idea is by no means enough to succeed with a startup, and what parallel he draws with aviation in this context.

Interview by Martin Jordan

Do you prefer to read? You find the transcript right here

Gwenael Hannema: «Comme Jurassien je veux contribuer au dévéloppement de la région»

Marija Plodinec: „I like a good challenge“

As a CEO of a medtech startup looking for funding, you need to do two things extremely well: make sure your scientific ground is solid as a rock and convince investors of the potential. Marija Plodinec is mastering both to perfection. The physicist by training runs the Basel based medtech company Artidis with passion and compassion. Marija also explains why she wants to contribute to bringing more women in leadership positions. And she tells you what the best holiday looks like for her.

Interview by Annett Altvater

Prefer to read? You find the transcript here

Podcast cover - Marija Plodinec, CEO Artidis, a medtech startup

Top researcher and entrepreneur: Hans-Florian Zeilhofer

Hans-Florian Zeilhofer is a top researcher – and he is an entrepreneur. With AOT, he founded a startup in Basel that has developed a special robot: robot Carlo cuts bones with a laser – a revolution in surgery.
Zeilhofer had spent 20 years researching the topic before he founded the company. The professor emeritus at the University of Basel is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The Bavarian explains why he put down roots in Basel, why doctors should love their patients and what he is up to in the canton of Jura. And he tells about his involvement in the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo.

Interview: Martin Jordan.

Hans-Florian Zeilhofer (Basel Area Business & Innovation)


In the Basel Area Business & Innovation Podcast we talk to entrepreneurs, researchers, experts and CEOs from the Basel Area about how scientists become entrepreneurs, what it means to start a business, why it pays off and why the Basel Area is the ideal location.

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