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BGO Software designs, develops and validates digital health solutions to enable organizations to transform the way they operate, accelerate innovation, improve financial results, and deliver greater levels service.

From Jack of all trades to master of digital health.

BGO Software was founded in 2008 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It started as an agency and quickly grew into an outsourcing company with 100+ employees, working from around the globe and serving various industries.

Around a decade later, they realized that they could impact society the most by focusing on the digital health space. Today, they exclusively design, develop, and validate software solutions for digital health.

One of their most notable solutions is HARP, a database that records and tracks the progress of research applications submitted to the Department of Health in the UK. HARP played a vital role in the NHS rapidly approving the first COVID-19 vaccine for mass use.

The future of BGO Software in the Basel Area.

BGO Software contributes to the global transition in healthcare from analog to digital.

With its new site at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, BGO Software focuses on advancing the development of innovative digital healthcare solutions.

The Basel Area is the perfect location because of its wealth of digital solutions and experts in the field of digital health, as well as the proximity to BGO Software’s customers and partners.

To make the move, BGO Software has teamed up with us.

We helped BGO Software find the perfect space in the Novartis Campus, introduced them to the region’s vast life sciences ecosystem, and held consultations with tax advisors to make establishing their HQ as seamless as possible.

With the choice of Basel Area as the location for our development in Switzerland, BGO Software has now arrived at the heart of innovation within the healthcare and MedTech sector as a company and center of expertise. Basel is a location with global impact. We are looking forward to the diverse opportunities, challenges, and new business partners it has to offer.

Ivo StoicovManaging Partner

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