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HypnoVR is a virtual reality software company. They apply their products in anesthesia and treat pain and anxiety. Founded in Strasbourg, the French company opened a branch office in Basel to expand its collaboration with healthcare companies and professionals in Switzerland.

In 2023, HypnoVR took a further step by setting up a subsidiary at the Switzerland Innovation Park Novartis Campus. The company chose the location of Basel to be closer to the healthcare companies and to its customers, and also to simplify customs, tax and regulatory procedures

When HypnoVR CEO Nicolas Schaettle was asked why his company chose Basel Area, he shared:

There's proximity between Switzerland and France, but also a crossroads between French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland, and then this ecosystem of innovation, with major pharma and medtech companies but also an extremely rich community of startups and innovative companies.

Nicolas SchaettelCo-founder and CEO HypnoVR

Before the company opened a subsidiary in the Basel Area, HypnoVR got in touch with Swiss Business Hub France, with cantonal agencies such as the Economic Promotion of the Canton of Jura, and with the Franco-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

More about HypnoVR

Founded in 2016, HypnoVR consists of a team of 18 persons with complementary expertise. The medtech company develops certified digital solutions for the healthcare industry. Combining the benefits of medical hypnosis with virtual reality, HypnoVR demonstrated its effectiveness for pain and anxiety treatment in 15 clinical studies. Patients were able to leave the hospital quicker after surgery and they needed 45% less morphine compared to the reference group. Postoperative length of stay divided by 3.57 and 45% reduction in morphine consumption.

Their solution has aroused interest from hospitals and clinics. HypnoVR established technological, clinical and scientific partnerships and the solution won the Innovation Award from CES Unveiled, the Prize for Innovation from the ADF and the AFC, among others.

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