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InnoSpina is a young NEI (New Innovative Company) specialized in the development of minimally invasive spinal implants and techniques.

Their vision is to make back pain treatments safe, fast, and cost-effective, bringing value to patients, surgeons, and the healthcare system.
InnoSpina develops solutions on the basis of specifications and manages the entire development process up to the realization of functional prototypes as well as the validation of products and implementation techniques. They are currently working on the development of an intelligent interspinous implant with the following objectives:

  • Treatment of lumbar pain and nerve compression.
  • Percutaneous surgery, small surgical approach, simple and fast technique.
  • Short duration anesthesia, essentially local.
  • Outpatient procedure.
  • Obtaining long-term mechanical information on the operated area.
  • Rapid resumption of activities.

We are happy to be part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, site Jura. Knowing other startup ecosystems, I am impressed with the value we receive here. The offerings from the cantons and from Basel Area Business & Innovation are super interesting.

Gwenael HannemaR&D InnoSpina

Gwenael was also a guest in the Basel Area Business & Innovation Podcast, where we talk to entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, and CEOs from the Basel Area. He speaks about the bumpy road his startup has to take, his experience with another startup that failed, why a good idea is by no means enough to succeed with a startup, and what parallel he draws with aviation in this context.

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