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Nutrix will revolutionize the world of preventive medicine.

Nutrix is developing a high-tech nanosensor (also called Ntrix), which is placed on the tooth to detect the glucose level in the saliva. The invisible, non-invasive, and patient-friendly sensor transfers the information to an external app. It will additionally track food intake and provide valuable information for the patient and artificial pancreas algorithms.

We started with a course on building a company in Switzerland with Basel Area Business & Innovation and took full advantage of the many opportunities that have been offered to us since: During the Venture Mentoring we worked with an IP expert, which was key for us. We pitched at the DayOne Conference and were chosen to take part in the DayOne Accelerator.
Being introduced to the expert network through Basel Area Business & Innovation was an important door opener for Nutrix. I am neither from Basel nor from Switzerland, yet we found an amazing ecosystem and all the support is in place.

Maria HahnFounder

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