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Ontotext dives into the Basel Area’s unparalleled innovation hub.




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Ontotext is a global leader in enterprise knowledge graph technology and semantic database engines that helps generate usable insights from data to make wiser business decisions.

A global leader in its field.

Headquartered in Sofia and with an office in New York City, Ontotext delivers products and content analytics solutions to companies like S&P, BBC, Fujitsu, and the UK Parliament.

Its most popular product is GraphDB, a semantic graph database engine. The Ontotext Platform extends it with text analysis, semantic tagging, search, classification, and discovery capabilities.

Among Ontotext’s areas of experience are drug R&D, drug repurposing, preclinical development, clinical trials, drug manufacturing, post-marketing and safety, diagnosis and monitoring, financials, and network management.

The future of Ontotext in the Basel Area.

Ontotext’s vision is to enable machines to interpret data and text, which empowers their customers to reveal more facts and relationships quickly and with less effort.

To extend its life sciences and healthcare footprint in Switzerland and Europe, Ontotext opened up an office in Basel.

The Basel Area is the perfect location because of its global impact and pioneering role in biotech, medtech, and digital health.

To make the move, Ontotext has teamed up with us.

We helped Ontotext find suitable premises, provided information on employee secondments in Switzerland, and made their move to the Basel Area as seamless as possible.

Selecting Basel Area as the location for our development in Switzerland and the DACH region will help Ontotext stay even closer to our customers and align our innovative products and solutions to the constantly growing and changing needs of the Life Sciences businesses we serve.

Todor PrimovHead of Life Sciences and Healthcare, Ontotext

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