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Unitelabs empowers life scientists with accessible automation solutions




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Unitelabs empowers life scientists with accessible automation solutions.

UniteLabs brings complete automation solutions to life science research facilities shaping the future of health, food, energy, and science. The company is a software startup located in Europe’s Pharma and Biotech capital – Basel. Its solutions connect and automate laboratory equipment to improve the quality and reproducibility in science while helping the researchers get more productive.

We were introduced to the Venture Mentoring services of Basel Area Business & Innovation during a workshop we attended. The program was super useful for us in terms of finding expert help to our challenges. Basel Area Business & Innovation also provided support in searching for office space. Further, we attended the i4Challenge in 2019 and were chosen as finalists.

We will stay in the Basel Area, most importantly because our customers are in close proximity: We develop automation software for life sciences research. We find many people and firms here who understand what we are doing, which is incredibly valuable.

Oskari ViinkoCEO of UniteLabs

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