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WORG Pharmaceutical is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with headquarters in Hangzhou, China. In 2021, the company opened a research & development center at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

Worg Pharmaceutical specializes in developing innovative therapies to treat allergies and autoimmune diseases. The company is led by a management team from China, the USA and Europe.

Business activities in Europe will include both drug discovery and the preclinical and clinical development of the global Worg portfolio. The goal is to establish extensive research collaborations with academic institutions across Europe.


Worg examined different options for their European subsidiary before landing on the Basel Area because of the dense life sciences cluster, the talent pool and research institutions in the region.


“Right from the very start we received incredible support from the management of the Switzerland Innovation Park as well as from experienced law firms and auditors. This enabled our company to get off to a smooth start,” says Rainer Henning, Director of Science at Worg Pharma’s hub of business activities in Europe. For 40 years he has worked in the position of CEO at biopharmaceutical companies in addition to holding a leading position in the field of cardiovascular research at Hoechst AG in Frankfurt.

We have carefully evaluated a number of possible locations around Europe and have settled on the Basel area for a number of reasons: Foremost is the concentration of life science companies large and small in the area forming one of the best clusters in Europe, if not worldwide. In conjunction with the high number of leading universities and research institutions in the area, we feel that we have access to an extensive talent pool for both the senior and junior researcher positions we have to offer.

Rainer HenningRainer Henning, PhD, Chief Science Officer, WORG Pharmaceutical

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