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Licensing and IP strategy for successful financing rounds and M&As (EN)

IP is one of the key components in attracting financing. Concentrating early on building a solid foundation of broad rights, and pursuing a well-thought-out IP strategy can significantly boost company value.
BaseLaunch together with the law firms Vossius & Partner and Walder Wyss invites you to this online event about the strategic importance of IP and licensing in the context of fundraising or M&A deals for biotech companies.

– Developing a strong patent strategy
– Understanding license agreements
– Biotech fundraising: a legal point of view
– M&A transactions: the value of IP and licensing

Participation is free, however registration is required before April 19, 2021.




Carla Benichou, Fellow at BaseLaunch



Dr. Friederike Stolzenburg & Dr. Philipp Marchand, Vossius & Partner
Dr. Alexander Gutmans & Dr. Markus Frick, Walder Wyss


Q & A 

Dr. Philipp Marchand, Partner at Vossius & Partner
Dr. Friederike Stolzenburg, Partner at Vossius & Partner
Dr. Alexander Gutmans, Partner at Walder Wyss
Dr. Markus Frick, Partner at Walder Wyss
Manuel Bigler, Senior Associate at Walder Wyss

Moderated by Carla Benichou, Fellow at BaseLaunch


Networking 1:1

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